Can old pots be thrown? This article teaches you how to properly handle old pots

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How many pots are there in your house, have you considered them carefully?
With the gradual improvement of the quality of life, the pots in the home have gradually increased. While various pots occupy your kitchen, there is also a big problem, that is, how should the old pots in the house be treated? ?
First of all, in terms of use, the iron pan in the home is not very serious as long as it is rusted. The theoretical market can continue to be used, and from a medical point of view, the iron pan will also give people some iron, for the anemia. Very good, but it depends on the actual situation, after the iron pot is used for a long time, the rust mixed with the oil residue to form a black deposit scale, which has a great harm to the human body. The rust is ferric oxide, long-term use, for people The liver forms a greater hazard.
So how do you properly handle these pots? Many people say that you can throw away the pot? Losing the pot is equivalent to losing a home, and the shabu-shabu is not good. Many people say that your home will definitely not go on. The selling pot is even more difficult to talk about. You sold your home, how can you live?
Then, how to deal with the old pot in the house, the author gives you some ideas from science and Feng Shui. For some people who are not paying attention to it, the waste pot is the basis of the meal, so that it can be owned and raised. In fact, it can be sold to waste products. It is not for money, it means to abandon and return, and the food is still there, and The old pots are recycled and can be reused.
From the perspective of Feng Shui, the pot is a tool for eating, whether it is old or new, meaning work, occupation, family, business, etc. If you throw the "rice bowl", it means throwing away the cause. But in fact, Feng Shui believes that this will prevent you from turning over and the God of Wealth will not find you. Therefore, when the old pot is properly handled, it should be wrapped in a red cloth to be thrown away.