How to choose a bread machine? Should I buy a bread machine?

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Although the home bread machine was born in 1986, it has only been popular in China in recent years. The small partners who intend to start the bread machine will have several problems!
Buy a bread machine or buy an oven? What do you see when you buy a bread machine? What are the reliable bread maker brands?
Next, answer for everyone!
First of all, buy a bread machine or buy an oven?
Let me conclude: If you are looking for convenient and quick bread, then the bread machine is the best choice; if you plan to bake in the pit, in addition to bread to make cakes, biscuits, occasionally grilled chicken wings and other meat, the oven is the best s Choice.
Next we will compare specifically.
The bread machine looks like a box. It is designed to allow users to eat bread quickly and easily. After putting in the food setting program, it will automatically knead, ferment, heat and finally produce the finished product.
Imagine using the scene, setting the appointment time for the ingredients at night, and getting freshly baked bread in the morning, which is much cool.
In addition to making bread, the bread machine can also be used for noodles and basic fermentation. It is used to steam steamed buns. It is good to make noodles and dumplings. Of course, because the volume is not large, it is not suitable for making a lot of food.
It’s a long time to talk about the shortcomings. The bread machine is mainly made up of square sliced ​​bread. Although there are many kinds of procedures, the most practical one is square bread. If you want to make some interesting shapes or want DIY other bread types. It is still more difficult to operate, let alone make cakes, barbecues, etc. In general, its advantages are convenient and fast, and there is no baking fun.
The advantage of the oven over the bread machine is its rich function. In addition to making bread, it can also make cakes, make biscuits, barbecue food, grilled chicken wings, etc. In terms of functionality, the oven can kill the bread machine.
But the problem is, the oven needs bread and bread. You have to pull out the glove film yourself. Some users may start the chef machine in order to get out the glove film, and it takes a certain amount of skill to master the fire.
In general, the oven is more functional, but for users to have higher requirements, you need to have a certain ability to master, master a certain baking skills, otherwise you buy the oven and finally eat gray, it is better to buy a bread machine to enjoy.
The purchase of the bread machine is also very simple, pay attention to the following five points.
1. Choose the right capacity.
The main capacity of the bread machine is 500g, 800g, 1000g, 1500g.
500g is suitable for 1-2 people; 800g is suitable for use in a family of 3; members with more family members or larger food can choose more than 1000g models.
2. Choose the right power.
The important thing to make bread is to knead the dough. It is necessary to pull out the glove film panel to draw the wire, and the taste will be good, so the power is very important.
In general, a 500g capacity model requires 300w power, 800g requires 450w or so power, and 1000g or more is recommended to select more than 500w power.
Some users deliberately choose a small power model for small noise. It is not recommended because even the power of 500w is not much, and people do not feel the noise when working in the kitchen.
3. Choose the right body material.
There are currently three types of bread machine bodies: plastic, color steel, and stainless steel.
Stainless steel is the best choice, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and very durable.
Color steel is an alternative to stainless steel. The base layer is made of iron and then made of external paint. It is less resistant to corrosion and durability than stainless steel, but it is cheaper and looks better.
Plastic casings are currently mainly used by Panasonic and Philips, because they have excellent temperature control. Even plastic casings do not have plastic flavor. If it is a domestic brand, it is not recommended to choose a plastic casing because of control. There is a plastic smell in the warmth.
4. Focus on temperature control capabilities.
At present, there are two kinds of breading system, one is single tube heating, the other is double tube heating, the surface is better than the single tube heating, but it is not because the bread machine has small capacity and the single tube heating has been It can meet the heating demand, and there is no need to worry about heating uniformity.
What we need to pay attention to is temperature control. Temperature control is not only related to baking effect, but also related to fermentation. The quality of fermentation directly affects the success or failure of bread making.
When you purchase the product, you can see if there is a temperature sensor. The sensor relies on the temperature control to be reliable. Generally speaking, the internal and external dual sensors are better than the single sensor.
There is another way to see if the product has a baking degree. Generally, there are 3 kinds of drying colors for the models with excellent temperature control. The model with insufficient temperature control will not have this function because it does not. To.
There are also some 200 yuan, 300 yuan entry models will not introduce temperature sensors, the temperature control of this price is very general, but also cheap, after all, fish and bear's paw can not have both.
5. Additional features
Pay attention to whether there is automatic yeast release: the bread machine that can automatically deliver yeast is really convenient and worry-free. The quality of automatic delivery is related to some temperature control, and the temperature-controlled model is sensitive to temperature perception. The timing will also be very appropriate, and the corresponding bread will be better.
Automatic delivery of accessories is now standard and does not require too much attention.
In addition, some breadmakers can make yogurt, rice wine, ice cream and other foods, just buy them on demand.